Christopher Okigbo



Mother Idoto II

Mother Idoto : Celebrating the entry of the « Okigbo Collection » into the UNESCO Memory of World Register in 2007

  • Venue : Lagos, Nigeria, October 2015
  • Event Production-----Alima Atta
  • Poetry Night Production--- Victor and Funmi Okigbo
  • MC’s-------Ben Okuzu, Okechukwu Okuzu & Patrick Okigbo


Presentations --- Okigbo Collection; manuscripts and Personal documents of Christopher Okigbo:

  • Chukwuma Azuonye,
  • HL Gates
  • DG UNESCO Memory of the World Register
  • Director, Shomberg Center and Library, NY

Unveiling of UNESCO plaque by Wole Soyinka

Presentation of Award by Michael Echeruro:

Inauguration of the first Christopher Okigbo Honorary Award; this year’s selected candidate is Chukwuma Azunonye for his decisive role in the inclusion of the Okigbo papers into UNESCO’s M.W.R).

Book Launch « Labyrinths »

  • Lynette Lisk; commissioning editor, Pearson educational
  • Chimamanda Adichie
  • James Currey

Presentations of COF ongoing projects:

  • COF MBARI, Ojoto by Obiageli Okigbo
  • Christopher Okigbo Poetry prize by Patrick Ogujeifor
  • Fundraising by COF project manager

Guest Performances by:

  • Jayne Cortez
  • Ben Okri
  • Odia Ofiemum
  • Olu Oguibe
  • Keziah Jones

Music courtesy of Soulotion

Silent auction



  • FGN
  • Anambra State Government/ Indemili local Government
  • MTN Nigeria
  • Banks
  • Shell Pension Fund
  • Glendora

Honorary Guest List (include):

  • Torch Taire
  • Chukwuemeka Ike
  • Ben Osawe
  • Demas nwoko
  • Ben Obumselu
  • Bede Okigbo
  • Charles Okigbo
  • Iyom Okuzu
  • Susie
  • Pius Okigbo Jnr
  • Eugine Okigbo
  • John Okigbo
  • Apo Okuzu
  • Obi Nwaala
  • Anne Okigbo
  • Linda Okigbo
  • Kiki Okigbo