Christopher Okigbo


About The COF


The Foundation’s goal is to restore to Christopher Okigbo the place he deserves internationally and to further the poet’s humanist vision and ideal through promotion of contemporary creation in Nigeria and cultural exchange worldwide.


We have a responsibility to the African people on the continent and Diaspora, to hold up beacons of light in this period of darkness plagued by war, disease and despair. After civilizations are long gone, only the Arts remain as testimony of our evolution. Our duty as individuals is to pass on the baton of hope to our children and future generations by holding on to that integrity which lies in our culture and mind.


We are dedicated to pursuing the following objectives:

  1. PRESERVING the patrimony left by Christopher Okigbo;
  2. FACILITATE research, publication and translation of his poetry;
  3. GENERATE interest of a wider audience and ensure lasting circulation of his books.
  4. PATRONAGE of the arts by means of grants, residency programs and other such support towards the development of a thriving artistic industry.
  5. CENTRALIZE and catalogue all current documentation (multi-media) on Christopher Okigbo.