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Christopher Okigbo Foundation


In honor of the legacy of Christopher Okigbo (1932-1967)
Dedicated to the memory of Pius Okigbo (1924-2000)

He was born bearing the sign of war; he died in a war in which he was engaged in defending the values which he held most dear – honor, courage, truth, justice, fairness, integrity and, above all, freedom. In his memory we have a duty. It is to keep alive these values because therein lies his true testament and the tribute to be paid to his genius.

Pius Okigbo, 1992


  1. Provide a conductive environment; space, time and support to encourage and promote creative individuals of all disciplines in a dynamic and sustainable fashion
  2. Ignite inspiration
  3. Generate opportunities for artists to interact and collaborate with the local and regional community
  4. Enhance the visibility and cultural impact of the host city and nation; to contribute to the restoration, development and preservation of the local cultural heritage
  5. Encourage development of research and interaction between the Sciences and the Arts

The Art of Living

The land is to be cultivated as an open space, with certain intentions toward community, toward discussion, and toward experimentation in various fields of thought (science, art, agriculture, architecture, commerce...)

Our base in Ojoto, Nigeria is envisaged as a retreat offering working residences for artists, philosophers, scientists…and poets. Our guests will be immersed in the surroundings in which Christopher Okigbo was brought up as a child, which inspired him as a poet and which he finally gave his life to defend.

This will take the form of modest dwellings based on traditional Igbo architecture and culture offering views onto the green rolling hills typical of the eastern Nigerian landscape. A larger public building will house a research centre accommodating; a library with up-to date communication technology, a gallery, an auditorium and conference facilities.


  • Protect the natural integrity of the local environment (faun and fauna) while keeping them generally free from extractive activities
  • Promote knowledge and research in order to move towards a sustainable energy model.
  • Biodynamic Agriculture
  • Ecologically sustainable activities


  • Scholarships for Studies in Energy and Environment/Architecture
  • Support for Biodiversity
  • Renewable energy: photo-voltaic and solar /thermal energy systems
  • Scholarships for research in plants for medicinal and hygiene purposes
  • Re-forestation


  • Christopher Okigbo Poetry Prize
  • Pius Okigbo Prize for Excellence
  • Artist in Residency programs
  • Biannual Poetry festival
  • Commissions for Performing Arts
  • Facilitate Exchange programs and workshops
  • Restoration, preservation and illumination of the local historical-artistic heritage
  • Publications


  • Providing employment for local community
  • Preservation and transmission of traditional craftsmanship and skills


  • Create a Brand name for our enterprise in the spirit of Fair Trade sustainable development
  • Eco-tourism
  • Farming

MASTER PLAN: 1/ 1,250 (See attached illustration)

  1. El Pueblo; administrative seat; conference facilities, library, Gallery, auditorium, workshops, market, restaurants, staff accommodation etc
  2. Well-Being; suites, dining pavilion, recreational and Wellness facilities, scenic promenades etc
  3. Artists and Writers Residencies; shelters, studios, amphi-theater etc
  4. Research; greenhouses, laboratories, offices, etc
  5. Water features; reservoir, pool, cascade, drinking fountains, etc
  6. Natural features; forest enclosure, farmland, orchards, gardens, landscaping etc

GREEN ZONE PLAN illustration.

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