Christopher Okigbo



  1. A new edition of “Labyrinths and Path of Thunder” published by Heinemann Ltd in 1971 including the author’s original introduction was released in 2012 by Pearson education, UK with an introduction by Chimamanda Adichie.

    This selection contains the author’s most famous works, previously published separately and arranged in the sequence he had established: Heavensgate (1962), Limits (1964), Silences (1963/65), Distances (1964), Path of Thunder (1968). This New publication will be a part of the revived Heinemann African Literature series, founded by Chinua Achebe – Nigerian novelist, essayist and poet, in1962. The series contains key texts from the founders of post-colonial fiction, drama and non-fictional prose of modern African literature.

  2. Crossroads: an anthology of poems in honour of Christopher Okigbo (1932-1967) on the 40th anniversary of his death and on his 75th birthday anniversary

    A commemorative volume of poetry, CROSSROADS, is already in the press due for release in June 2007 by Africana-First Publishers Ltd, Nigeria. This anthology of 110 Nigerian Poets has been put together in Honour of Christopher Okigbo on the 40th anniversary of his death and his 75th posthumous birthday celebration. The final selection was made out of over 500 entries from within and outside Nigeria and is edited by Patrick Oguejiofor, the brainchild of this whole enterprise with forward by Professor Isidore Okpewo and introduction by Mr. E. E. Sule of the Nasarawa State University, Nigeria.

  3. Elegy of Twilight & Other Previously Unpublished Poems

    Twenty-seven new poems have recently been found among Okigbo’s unpublished papers currently in Brussels. Catalogued, transcribed and edited by Obiageli Okigbo and Chukwuma Azuonye, a special commemorative collection of this exciting corpus, illuminated with drawings by selected artists as well as doodles and other markings by the poet himself, will be issued before the end 2006, under the imprint of the Christopher Okigbo Foundation and a facilitating publisher.

  4. Labirihnths / Labirintos: The first Spanish translation of Okigbo’s poetry

    2012, a major translation of Christopher Okigbo’s “Labyrinths with Path of Thunder” undertaken by Obioma Ofoego and Laura Petrecca. The translation already endorsed by the Christopher Okigbo Foundation and backed by Estación Pringles (an independent publishing house) and Editorial Mansalva will be published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It will be distributed in Mexico (Mexico City) and Chile (Santiago), robust literary markets both extending distribution to Peru (Lima) and Ecuador (Quito). To date, publications of African literature in Argentina, and indeed throughout South America are scant, early-stilled no doubt by language walls. Our immediate intention is to bring to readers a deep and serious literature, yet to penetrate the continent’s editorial carapace, in a language they understand; the broader ambition, through melded voice, artistry and poetic resource, to create a precedent for further translations of African literature into Spanish, in Argentina, and South America. Christopher Okigbo, as one of the most influential poets of the twentieth century, is where we start .

1 Obioma Ofoego is an academic specializing in Nigerian literature in English, Laura Petrecca poet. Both voices will hold the translation.