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The shocked boy with a stunned look crawled away from Inessa and plopped down into a chair. Hi, my name is Sasha, I am 19 years old, I. Am a slender handsome guy with blue eyes, dark skin and jet black hair, although I think that for a more accurate description you need to add that perhaps too slender and pretty for a guy, but to fully describe the situation nude destiny game the reader, I I must also add that I am not quite an ordinary young man today at my 19 years old I am more of a girl than a guy I wear women's clothes, I have 2-size breasts, I work as a model for some publishing houses (I work part-time) while studying at the university at faculty of biochemistry, chemistry and biology have always been my favorite subjects at school, and most importantly, for five months now we have been living with my beloved man, but I want to tell you not about what is happening in my life today, but about incredible changes and wonderful metamorphoses that happened to me in just three years that nude destiny game me from an ordinary sixteen-year-old boy of the tenth grader into a girl With whom today I am, Although in fairness it should be noted that I was still not quite an average guy, a teenager, because already at that time I really liked changing into women's clothes, I did it, of course, secretly and I was terribly embarrassed even in front of myself, I told myself that it was not right, not natural, but I could not help myself after a while, when I stayed at home, I opened my sister's closet and plunged into my magical world. But in order to give you a complete picture of myself, of course I must tell you about my family and especially about my mother, a person. Who played a huge role in all the events that happened to me recently. So, we had an ordinary average statistical unit of society by the standards of the union, my parents met and got married as students.

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