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And this bastard began to harass my mother, initially it was in vulgar jokes and hints, but then it began all the frames, for example, going into his office, my mother dropped the folder with the patient's discharge and bent over to pick it up, he came up to her from behind, pulled up her dressing gown and began to squeeze her ass, like I asked my mother why she didnt want to contact the police or, at worst, the hospital administration, to which she replied that she didnt want unnecessary problems, since her boss had great connections in the field of medicine and her After a while, I stopped paying attention to this, as I realized that my mother and I could not do anything. And then one evening my mother abruptly burst into the apartment and, without saying anything, quickly went to the side of the bath, I was very surprised similar behavior of. My mother, since there was bad dragon pornhub like this before, usually when she came home she told how she was doing, and we went to have tea together. She spent 15 minutes in the bathroom, after which she came out covered with a towel, when I asked why she. Was so harsh decided to go to wash, she confusedly replied something like that she was driven by a passing car, but I saw for sure that when she entered the bathroom she was absolutely clean and dry, besides, she was in a medical coat athe, and the coat was lying in the corridor and was also completely dry. I just shrugged, but I became very interested, but I realized that you couldn't knock out the truth from my mother and continued to do my homework, but. After about an hour I accidentally spilled on myself cola and went to the bathroom to throw my pants in the wash, bad dragon pornhub the machine I felt a strange smell, the smell of semen.

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