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But then Katya appeared and she realized that she and Boris had mutual feelings, although he skillfully hid it even from Katya. Somewhere. In the expanses of the former USSR, the sub desu nineties, winter, vocational school. A third-year student with a chase Belyash caught up with his laughing classmate Leroux at the locker sub desu, grabbed her by the waist and dragged back: Come. On, bitch, don't rock the boat. right now I'll tell everyone what a rat you are.

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The feeling of slight shame did not allow my excitement to develop in full force, I still restrained myself. My husband began stroking my breasts, continuing to kiss, and although my face was hidden by his face and my hair, this movement could not go sub desu. And my husband also moved back a little so that his friends could sub desu it better. It seemed that it dragged on endlessly. Time seemed to have stopped. Her husband's caresses became more and more frank, and shame eventually took over me.

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