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Apparently she felt that I could be controlled (however, I tried to show it to her with my whole appearance). I licked her toes and she smoked and ordered how and which finger joey king thong lick. Then she asked if I liked to obey her and I mumbled affirmatively to her, after which she asked how much I like it, and for a second, tearing myself away. From her delicious legs, mumbled strongly, blushing that I was ready to be her slave and fulfill all her whims and fantasies. She grunted in satisfaction and pushed me in the face with her foot and ordered me to cum on the floor, which I literally made the floor of my room. This was followed by a new order to lick everything off the floor with his tongue. I hesitated for a second joey king thong she said in a languid voice: -What are you a kid the first innocent order and you are in the bushes. You just licked my pussy from your death, don't be afraid, it's your sperm and not another man.

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